Palate Catering Company was both designed and conceptualized by Heather Watson and Michael Newell. Both working in the service industry for countless years.

Executive Chef and owner Heather Watson is a self taught Chef and learned the precision and knowledge of cooking at an early age. As a young adult she started working in a restaurant that her mother owned and operated. She was always interested in the process and art of the culinary field. Constant interest in this field led to participating in both aspects of the business.  As a server she was able to build the communication and customer service skills, and how to really engage in the guest and what they would hope to get out of the experience.  Entertaining large crowds and cooking for friends and family was finally the motivation that pushed her to pursue opening her own catering company.  

Co owner, and managing partner Michael Newell also began his career in the service industry at an early age. With ten years of country club service and management to source from, Michael obtained a wealth of knowledge and experience that he would take with him in his future management endeavors. As General Manager of multiple restaurants both in the Midwest as well as Northern California, Michael gained not only the experience but more importantly the passion for both culinary arts, as well as the art of service. With his experience combined with that of close friend, and previous work associate Heather Watson, Palate Catering Company was both conceived and established.

 Dianna Gonter, Sous Chef and BBQ Pit Master, is a long term friend and confidant of Heather Watson. Dianna has been cooking professionally for over 16 years. She has a wide range of skills and experience and is a great addition to our team. She specializes in breads, baked goods, desserts, low fat entrees, BBQ smoking and grilling.  Her talents are endless and is always pushing herself to learn the newest and most cutting edge off the culinary world.

"Taste For Every Palate"